Emulsion Under Development

BTB Pharma forms a sister company, BTB Pharma Emulsions

The executive management team has decided to form a sister company, BTB Pharma Emulsions, to facilitate the development of a medical device to be used to prepare the immune modulatory components that will be injected and inhibit disease progress.

Our 2-component treatment has to be mixed with extremely high precision and accuracy every time to generate an emulsion, before it is injected.  Today’s technology uses two syringes to generate the emulsions.  This is a time consuming, wasteful, error-prone and inconsistent mixing process for creating the emulsion.

We are developing a radically different approach, called the Perfect Oil in Water Emulsion Receptacle process (POWER). POWER replaces the two syringes with a single tube-like receptacle into the oil/water preparation is deposited.  The emulsion is then created mechanically.  This method of preparation will ensure that every time a test is performed, using any animal model of autoimmune diseases, failure to induce disease will not depend on the quality of the emulsion.


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