About BTB Pharma

BTB Pharma has developed a biomedical platform that is based on fundamental research into the area of autoimmune diseases. The platform is versatile and can without much effort support the generation of medicines that can eliminate the cause, not just the symptoms, of disease. Positive results have been found in an animal model of Multiple Sclerosis using a pre-formulation. Currently, formulations compatible with humans are under investigation, focusing on developing treatments for two autoimmune diseases, Multiple Sclerosis and Type I Diabetes.

Business model

BTB Pharma’s technology is based on many years of basic research regarding different methods to treat autoimmune diseases. Serendipitously we found a receptor that could be targeted to drive cells that eliminated disease in a preclinical model. This finding has formed the basis for our biomedical platform technology.  Currently we collaborate with groups at Lund’s and Copenhagen’s Universities, and at the Karoliska Institute.  The focus is on generating “Proof of Concept” in three pre-clinical animal models; EAE for Multiple Sclerosis, CIA for Rheumatoid Arthritis and NOD for Type I Diabetes.  Post patent filing, our preferred business model is to collaborate with pharmaceutical companies and/or out-licensing some indications and continue some in the regime of BTB Pharma.


Thomas Bäckström

CEO and founder of BTB Pharma


Thomas Bäckström has extensive research experience from academia and the biopharmaceutical industry.  He earned his PhD at Auckland University, New Zealand and after a couple of Post-Doctoral positions in USA and Switzerland he returned to New Zealand to set up his own research group.  Thomas spent 11 years at the Malaghan Institute of Medical Research in Wellington, as a Principal Investigator, mainly working with pre-clinical models of Multiple Sclerosis.
He then returned to Scandinavia and worked as a Director of T cell Biology and Immunogenicity at Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen, Denmark for 6 years. At this time, he started his own Biotech Company, BTB Pharma. The goal is to treat or even to cure organ/tissue specific autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Type I Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Allergy.

BTB Pharma is collaborating with research scientists at Lund’s University; Biomedical Centre (BMC) in Lund, Clinical Research Centre (CRC) in Malmö and scientists in Denmark. The company is also getting ready to start it owns research activities at Lund’s University.

Miteinander Lachen… Miteinander Lachen…

The purpose of BTB Pharma’s technology is to generate value for patients with autoimmune diseases.

We live through our values and seek to develop innovative treatments that will make a positive difference for these patients.


Our vision is to advance BTB Pharma into a global pioneer in the area of suppressive immunotherapies against autoimmune disease. Through the development of our revolutionary immunotherapy, we strive to develop new treatments with possibilities to eliminate the cause of autoimmune diseases. Through maintaining our compassionate and innovative values, we aim to pave the way in the biopharmaceutical world to a bright future without these devastating diseases.


Our mission at BTB Pharma is to develop disease-specific and effective suppressive immunotherapies that treat or even prevent autoimmune diseases to develop.  Our ambition is to develop the most efficient, reliable and low risk treatments possible for treating and preventing the development of autoimmune disease, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Type I Diabetes.