Biomedical Platform

BTB Pharma’s platform is based on two parts.  The first part is a peptide that binds to a unique cell of the immune system. The second part is a protein that is disease-specific. The protein linked to the peptide generates inhibitory cells that incapacitate disease-causing cells.

BTB Pharma’s platform is versatile

The first part, the peptide, is the cornerstone in our technology.  It has two intrinsic functions. First, it delivers the disease-specific protein to an important cell of the immune system.  Second, it renders these cells into a “tolerogenic cell” that drives inhibitory cells.  The protein in two-component therapy is easily exchangeable and can be adapted for different organ-specific autoimmune diseases.

The Idea of BTB Pharma’s Biomedical Platform


BTB Pharma’s therapy is disease-specific

The peptide-protein complex generates cells that inhibit disease-causing cells only, leaving the rest of the immune system intact.  Therefore, other functions of the immune system such as protection against infectious diseases or the prevention of cancer development are not affected.  This concept will generate therapies with no or few side-effects.