This Year BTB Pharma Will Attend The World Vaccine Congress  10 – 12 October 2017 In Barcelona, Spain

This year BTB Pharma will attend the World Vaccine Congress 10 - 12 October 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

The 18th annual World Vaccine Congress, 3rd World Veterinary Vaccine Congress and 2nd Immune Profiling World Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain this year. It bringing experts from the whole value chain under one roof, with sessions that are the most applicable to help your business plan for the future of vaccine research, development and manufacture. Over 450 attendees will meet during 3 days to discuss commercial and scientific issues in manufacturing, trials, strategy, regulation, veterinary, immune profiling, respiratory, therapeutic and emerging diseases vaccines. For more info regarding the World Vaccine Congress see

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BTB Pharma Has Been Sponsored By Southern Sweden Going Global (SSGG) To Participate At The World Vaccine Congress

BTB Pharma has been sponsored by Southern Sweden Going Global (SSGG) to participate at the World Vaccine Congress

SSGG is a three-year EU project, run by Invest in Skåne, SmiLe Incubator and Medeon Science Park & Incubator, focusing on boosting early stage life science companies in Skåne on the global arena. BTB Pharma and 35 other companies within biotech, medtech and e-health participate during the project period to increase their competitiveness, visibility and international network abroad. The goal is to create business deals between the Skåne-based companies and international partners. For more info regarding SSGG see Invest in Skane.  

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Thomas Bäckström, CEO Of BTB Pharma Receives Founding From Sten K Johnson’s Foundation Second Year In A Row

Thomas Bäckström, CEO of BTB Pharma receives founding from Sten K Johnson’s Foundation second year in a row

2017 scholarships On 13th of June, 61 happy fellows gathered at Lund University School of Economics to receive scholarships from Sten K Johnsons Foundation. It was the Foundation's fifth scholarship award. The award to BTB Pharma will be used to explore new possibilities to help people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The title of the project is: "New thinking for the treatment of autoimmune disease Multiple sclerosis: Verification of a vaccine. Part II" The purpose is to develop a vaccine for the treatment of MS. Treatment of MS in an animal model has been successful. The ambition is to take this…

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BTB Pharma Receives Grant From Vinnova

BTB Pharma receives grant from Vinnova

BTB Pharma AB has been awarded a grant "Innovativa startups 2017" by Vinnova to develop a treatment for the chronic inflammatory disease, multiple sclerosis (MS). We have previously identified components that prevented the development of MS, in an animal model. The problem was that those components were not compatible for use in humans.  We have now identified new components with similar properties that can be used in humans. The goal now is to demonstrate that these new components work in the MS animal model, before taking them into the clinic.

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